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Samuele Porsia Trade Commissioner

Yaniman S. Lani

Senior Trade Analyst and System Manager in charge of  investment, infrastructure, transport equipment and parts, chemicals and petrochemicals, electricity, electronics, machinery and electronic components, equipment, engineering and construction, earthmoving equipment, environment, raw materials, industrial automation, machine tools, processing marble and granite, machinery and building materials, machinery for processing wood, laboratories, instruments for measurement and control, logistics, mechanical equipment, aerospace, agricultural machinery, marine equipment, safety equipment, ship-boats, medical-dental equipment, metal products, heavy equipment, and hardware, telecommunications

Tita NM Soendoro

Senior Trade Analyst and Public Relation in charge of agro-food, wine, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fashion, glasswear, footwear, clothing, textiles, gifts, jewelry, leather goods and accessories, components for footwear and leather goods, fabrics, furniture and lighting, home decoration, art. Ceramics, home appliances, hotel and restaurants/ supermarket equipment, franchising, big distribution, glass, crafts, recreation,  footwear & leather goods machinery, tanning machinery, textile machinery, plastic processing machines, packaging machines, food processing, bottling, printing machines.

Ingrid Hatmosrojo Accountant and finance
Rizky Ntoma Secretary
Supangat Clerk

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