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Italian Trade Commission
401 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 3030
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Tel: (312) 670-4360
Fax : (312) 670-5147

Opening hours
Monday - Friday:
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

- Geographic territory
- Responsible for the following products
- Staff



Geographic territory:
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Responsible for the following products:
3D Printing Machinery & Technology
Additive Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Automobiles, Parts & Accessories
Automotive Service Station and Repair
Books and Publishing
Catering Equipment Inc Institutional Kitchens & Industrial Refrigeration
Ceramic Industry Equipment
Circuit Board Machinery
Electrical Generators and Turbines
Food Processing Equipment (except Winemaking Equipment)
Hardware and Tools
Industrial Cleaning Equipment
Industrial Ovens
Industrial Painting Equipment
Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems
Industrial Subcontracting
Leatherworking and Shoemaking Equipment

Materials Handling and Warehousing Equipment
Metals - Rolls, Bars & Semi Finished Products and equipment
Metalworking Machine Tools and Robotics
Motors, Transmissions & Gears
Packaging Equipment
Packaging Products
Papermaking Equipment
Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing Equipment
Printing & Graphic Arts Machinery
Private Label Products/Large Retail
Stationary and accessories
Supermarket Chains
Process Controls
Professional Dry-cleaning and Laundry Equipment
Vending Machines
Welding Equipment
Wire and Cable Working Machinery
Work Safety Equipment (including Safety Apparel)

Name Title
Matteo Picariello Trade Commissioner                                                            
Josephine Albanese Junior Marketing Promotion Officer 
Brigitte Auteri Marketing Promotion Officer
Josephine Barbarotta Accounting Manager
Pasquale Capriati Senior Marketing Promotion Officer
Vincenza Marrari Secretary (Task Force Machines Italia)
Bart Pascoli Project Coordinator (Task Force Machines Italia)
Daniela Paternostro Senior Secretary
Elena Phillips Marketing Specialist (Progetto Editoria)
Sandy Di Stefano Serowka Junior Marketing Promotion Officer
Miron Stefan Senior Marketing Promotion Officer


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